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Digital Music Examinations 2023

NOTE: Register anytime ONLY when your video is ready!

Digital Graded Exams  Digital Diploma Exams  Digital RP Exams 

Music Exam Enrolment and Payment procedure 2023 (TBC)

 Digital Graded Exams
Music (read more...)
Digital Diploma Exams 
Music (read more...)

 Digital Graded Exams
Rock & Pop (read more...)


Entry Form

Digital Fees 


Entry Form

 Digital Fees 


Entry Form

 Digital Fees 

All Bank/Admin charges will be payable by the candidate if the applicant transfers any incorrect fees. Thank You!

Face to Face Music 2023

Theory NOV2023    RP NOV2023    Classical NOV2023 


ENTRY FORMS - F2F Music 2023 


ROCK & POP F2F PRACTICAL -  GRADED R&P Form   /   Rock & Pop F2F Fees

Theory Exam Date: 04 NOV 2023  Registration Date: 17 JUL - 31 AUG 2023


2023 Drama Physical Exam Fee 1


Face to Face Drama 2023


Graded Diploma Music Physical Exams Mid February 2023 Wide 02

Studio/Venue and Instrument for Recording

Recording of the video can be done either at home, at your teacher’s house or at the Public Exam Venues, with a quiet environment and suitable instrument.

• Diplomas candidates can use either Grand or Upright Acoustic piano. Digital pianos cannot be used.
• Graded candidates can use Grand or Upright Acoustic piano OR Digital pianos. Electronic keyboards cannot be used.
• Electronic Drum Kits can be used for certain grades, as specified in the graded syllabuses.




Face to Face Drama and Communication Skills Examinations

2023 Details Coming Soon!


Announcing the NEW Piano syllabus 2021-2023

Piano Syllabus 2021 2023






SYLLABUS OVERLAP EXTENSION information [Read More...]

Due to COVID-19 situation, please note the respective extension information for the respective examinations syllabus.



Thank you for visiting TCM Examinations Pte. Ltd. Website.

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Welcome! TCM Examinations Pte. Ltd. is the Exclusive Singapore Representative for Trinity College London, the international examinations board incorporating Trinity College London and Rock & Pop, offering accredited qualifications in English language and the performing and creative arts. Trinity College London conducts over 500,000 assessments each year worldwide, from graded examinations and certificates to diplomas and higher level vocational qualifications.


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